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Declared Physics Major

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    Hi all. I just thought I'd share the news that I officially declared my physics major! I also got keys to the science building and labs, which is nice :)
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    Congrats! What school? What's next?
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    Congratulations and good luck! Sounds like a smallish school if you literally got "the keys to the joint." Mine was like that, although we didn't get the keys automatically when declaring a major. It was just that sooner or later (usually sooner) you started doing a project or working as a lab assistant or something which required off-hours access, so they issued you a key, and you simply kept it until you graduated.
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    Thanks! I go to a small liberal arts college on the east coast. I'm finishing up my sophomore year so I still have time to discover what areas of physics interest me most. I plan on taking statistical mechanics and thermo next semester though and maybe study abroad next spring.
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