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Decoherence of BECs?

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    I have no technical knowledge of this area, but I would like to know in what ways studying the decoherence process with Bose-Einstein condensates might tell us how this process works. Can BECs allow us to see the process in "slow motion" so to speak?

    EDIT: I guess I should first ask if macroscopic superposition of states has been achieved in BECs. My lack of technical knowledge here has to do with terms like 'traps', 'thermal clouds' and 'squeezing' which appear in the literature.

    EDIT: I found a good 'making a Schroedinger Cat 101' presentation at

    Phys Rev A62 13607 (2000)

    The article indicates that decoherence times can be as long as 10^-2 seconds for these 'cats'. That seems plenty long enough to be able to see something interesting, but the internet article doesn't describe any observations, so I still have questions.

    For some reason the link doesn't work. (I found it by typing 'decoherence + BEC' on google). Anyway, I'd still appreciate any pearls anyone may have.
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