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Decoupling Linear ODE's

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    Okay so i have 2 ODE's i need to decouple them and therefore construct two differential equations each containing just one of the functions.... I just wanted to know how can you verify you have the correct solution is more so my question

    du/dt= 4u-5v


    I end up getting

    for u(t) = Ae^x + Be^-3x

    and for v(t) = Ae^5x +Be^x

    My question is also when assigning the solutions to the characteristic equation do you give the higher number to a and the lower to b??

    THanks :)
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    You can check your solutions by substituting them back in to the original problem. For example, if you calculate ## du/dt ## using your expression for ## u ##, then that should be equal to ## 4u-5v ## using both your expressions for ## u## and for ## v ##. I think you will find that your solution is not correct.
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    As already stated by Geofleur, your solutions don't work. Did you solve this system by matrix diagonalization? If so, please show us your work in getting the eigenvalues.
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    As Geofleur and Mark44 say, you do not have the correct solutions to the equations. You should have arrived at a characteristic equation [itex]r^2- r- 2= 0[/itex].

    But to answer your question, "A" and "B" are both unknown constant coefficients. It doesn't matter which you assign to which exponential.
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