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Decrease in density

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    density of normal water -1 gm/cm cube and density of soap water -0.9 gm/cm cube.

    We know that the addition of soap or detergent decreases the density of water.
    Thus If we keep on increasing the concentration the soap in the water does the density of water decreases gradually or remains constant at 0.9 gm/cm cube.
    If available please provide the graph between Increase in concentration of soap and Decrease in density of water
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    Hi Kalai,

    At 0 % soap - density of water
    At 100% soap - density of soap

    The density of all other mixtures should be linear, although it can be that at some mixtures the overall packing is more or less favorable and the graph is curved in or out.

    I do not know of any graph for these specific values.

    Have fun!
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    Define "soap water".
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