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Deduce gravitational strength

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    Distance form the earth's surface: Gravitational potential/MJkg-1
    0 : -62.72
    400000 : -59.12

    Deduce the earth's gravitational field strength at a height of 400000m.

    Since g=-GM/r^2 and V=-GM/r , I tried to solve this question using V/r. But I failed to get the correct answer. Any suggestion on how to approach the question?
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    I don't understand your notation in the first paragraph.

    However, be sure to use the distance from the center of the Earth in your calculation (and NOT the height above the surface)!
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    The gravitational field is given by
    so at the surface it is [itex]-9.8[/itex]
    and at the required distance [itex]-8.4[/itex] mega newtons per kilogram.
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