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Deep inelastic scattering: quention on the Hand convention for the flux.

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    Hi all. I'm studying deep inelastic cross section in parton model. In particular I'm referring to Halzen-Martin's "Quarks and leptons" section 8.5, but I think this is a quite generale procedure.
    In studying the deep inelastic scattering by e- on proton it cuts off the electron part and work only on the virtual photon-proton part.
    In doing so it's found out that the flux term is dependent on the photon virtuality by the relation:
    where K is the photon flux (unknow because of the virtuality), q is the photon quadri-momentum and M is the proton mass.
    Now, it chooses the flux factor to satisfy the Hand convention:
    $$K=\nu + \frac{q^2}{2M}$$
    This choise is made in order to threat the photon as in the real case. But why we have such a freedom in defining the flux factor??
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