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Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Are humans not so smart?

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    Well another great enviroment catastrophere, the profit seeking, inhuman company, probably buy some killers to kill enviroment activist(like many in my country do) , the goverment that is kneel to corporations and capitalist, the public that really doesent matter, especially in a nation that most people is brainwashed(maybe like soviet union but in another form) that think that freedom is take all from other countries, finance death squads and depleate all earth resources. Well i kinda feel with little hope for humanity at the moment, Science is very noble but looks like is used to do great harm and buil a Consumerism society, i feel in reality worthless advance to bunch of entities worst in substance but with more materials.

    But as they say: "hope is the last thing that dies" so maybe humans are learning more, great totalitarian regimes are seen bad even if they do it in the name of(when they are actually not) socialism/communism, now capitalism is the next one to be defeated.

    We have to learn to live rationaly free, knowing that we should not profit with humans health, enviroment , education and all that can make a worthy life, at the ends it makes us more free, becouse we gurantee our basic needs, living you room to waste,seek knowleadge or wahter you want to do with your life.

    PS: Sorry for my english.
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    We already have a number of oils spill threads open in different forums.
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