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Homework Help: Defendmyaname, astronomy questions please help?

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    Can someone tell me which are the correct answers to these questions please ?

    1.The reason astronomers use telescopes in space is because
    the Earth's atmosphere
    a.absorbs all of the light at some wavelengths
    b.absorbs or scatters some of the light at all wavelengths
    c.distorts images of astronomical objects.
    d.All of the Above

    2. A galaxy can be moving away so quickly that its light is Doppler shifted significantly. What sort of telescope would an astronomer use to observe a receding galaxy that normally emits most of its light in the ultraviolet but is highly Doppler shifted?
    a. Chandra X-ray Observatory
    b. Hubble Space Telescope (UV and visible)
    c. Infrared Space Observatory
    d. Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

    3. The chemical composition of the Sun 3 billion years ago was different from what it is now in that it had
    a. molecular hydrogen.
    b. more nitrogen.
    c. more helium.
    d. more hydrogen.

    4.The light from the east limb (edge) of the Sun is blueshifted and the light from the west limb is redshifted. This is because
    a. the Sun is rotating.
    b. the two sides of the Sun are at different temperatures.
    c. different kinds of atoms emit light at the opposite edges.
    d. the distance from the Sun to the Earth changes.

    5. The Sun's layer just outside the core is the
    b. radiation zone.
    c. chromosphere.
    d. convection zone.

    6.The corona of the Sun can only be seen naturally on Earth under what circumstances?
    a. During an annular eclipse.
    b. Anytime
    c. During a partial solar eclipse
    d. During a total eclipse.

    Thank you in advance,
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    We do not just give out answers to homework here. You have to show that you have tried to do it yourself.
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