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Define colume function in VBA

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    Is it possible to define a function for an entire column in excel? I have data importing from a chemical process simulator and every time it populates a row it will insert a blank row and I need to copy my formulas. Can I make it so, for example, column B is always equal to Column A+something, or etc???
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    You can enter =sum(...) into a cell to add up a list of values in a column or row of cells, for example, =sum(a1..a10) produces the sum of the column of cells a1 through a10.
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    Create a template with the VBA function in the template...then use that template to make your sheet each time...that function will be available
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    Do you run a VBA routine to do the import, or manually import a text file, or is another program writing to the .xls file?

    If you already have a VBA routine to do the import, you could just add a line to update the cell in column B for that row with your formula.
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