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Define Science

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    In three words or less
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    Please read


    There are enough postings in there to include a definition of science even when it doesn't satisfy your requirement of "three words or less" (you can't be serious!).

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    In your opinion.

    Can you try to define it in three words?
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    "The study of..."

    Oh well, I tried.
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    Working sh-t out.
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    "Not blind faith".

    "Proof before belief".

    "Common-sense made rigorous".

    The last one is 4 (if you count the compound word as 2), but it's in my mind the best "elementary" definition that captures the essence of science.
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    Good Enough.

    IMO Science

    " Question of Thought"
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    Investigating unexplained stuff?
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    What scientists do!!!!
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    everything around you
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    Surely that's the scope of science, not science itself.
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    no, my point was science is the the laws of the universe and why everything is the way it is.
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    This one isn't bad at all considering the gratuitous limit of three words.

    Starting from scratch, and with no limit, I would have defined it as something like: The systematic and rigorous search for the most useful and communicable ways of analyzing natural phenomena.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It appears that at the most basic level, the word means "to separate one thing from another, to distinguish," related to scindere "to cut, divide,", and then, "knowledge", but taking from the modern usage, "knowledge gained through study" is about as short as it gets. If you want to cheat a little more, "knowledge from study".
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    A very similar activity to defining: de+finire to limit, end. finis boundary, end.
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    Non-Bush thinking.
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    lol ^ at that
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