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Definite Integrals

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    ok so what has happened is my friends website is moving to a new location,
    he said the only way i can get to see it early is if i get the answer to this, he did this because he knows i know nothing about math.... so im one of you guys or gals can help me...


    DEFINITE INTEGRAL OF (0.43890022*X) FROM 1 TO 10

    thank you all

    p.s. i hope i put this in the right section lol i was told integrals are calculus :)
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    do you know how to integrate?
  4. Jun 24, 2007 #3
    no i just finished HS with only minimum math so im tottaly in the dark....
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    Right, so it would be pointless to show you how to obtain the answer, because you don't know how to do it! You just want the answer! Have you even given it a go?
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    Please don't double post.
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    umm i didnt double post someone quoted my saying thank you very much, ive tried to learn through the internet and ive tried using one of the calculators but i just dont understand it, if anyone doesnt feel right aobut jsut giving me and answer i would willing try to learn from them if they are willing to help teach me.....
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    well, assuming that u dont know the definiton of the definite integral than here we go. The definite integral of a function is given with this formula:
    integ f(x)dx, from a to b = f(b)-f(a)
    Actually this is the area that the curve given by the function f(x) closes with the Ox axes.
    So, also you need to know that integ k*f(x)=k*integ f(x), where k is any real constant. Also you need to know that integ x dx = (x^2)/2

    I think this information is all you need to do find one of the axes of the square, and consequently the whole area of the square.

    I hope i was helpful.
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