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Definition for life

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    I really don't know if this is the right forum to ask this but let me try..

    Why everybody tends to think of life as something organic in composition ? For example, NASA sends the mars rovers in search of water which is essential for an organic life form.

    If the simple definition for a life form is..
    1)Can Grow
    2)Will Respond to stimuli
    3)Can Reproduce

    then we don't neccesarily have to equate life to a organism made of carbon and hydrogen. Why don't we think of a possibility of a life form that exist in some distant part of our galaxy that isn't made of organic material.

    It could be even matterless being entirely a form of energy that shows the characteristics of life and doesn't have to be visible.

    I know this idea is bizarre...but I tend to think why not?
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    Walk before you run. Search for life forms you recognize before searching for those you don't.

    Play the odds. We know our kind of life is a possibility. We don't know if other kinds are.

    But, otherwise, yes, I think everyone agrees that it's good to keep our minds open to other possibilities.
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