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Definition for Surface Integral

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    The definition of Line Integral can be this:
    [tex]\int_s\vec{f}\cdot d\vec{r}=\int_s(f_1dx+f_2dy+f_3dz)[/tex]

    And the definition of Surface Integral can be this:

    However, in actually:
    [tex]\\dx=dy\wedge dz \\dy=dz\wedge dx \\dz=dx\wedge dy[/tex]
    What do the Surface Integral be equal to:
    [tex]\int\int_S(f_1dy\wedge dz+f_2dz\wedge dx+f_3dx\wedge dy)=\int\int_S(f_1dx+f_2dy+f_3dz)=\int\int_S\vec{f}\cdot d\vec{r}[/tex]

    I know, I know... I know that, generally, the definition to Integral Surface is:
    [tex]\int\int_S\vec{f}\cdot \hat{n}\;dS[/tex]
    I until like this definition when compared to its respective Line Integral:
    [tex]\int_s\vec{f}\cdot \hat{t}\;ds[/tex]

    But, is correct to definite the Surface Integral as:
    [tex]\int\int_S\vec{f}\cdot d\vec{r}[/tex]
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    No, the surface integral is, as you say, a double integral while the path integral is a single integral. They are NOT the same thing. They can, of course, be connected by, for example, the Stoke's Theorem that says that the integral of the curl of [itex]\vec{F}[/itex] over a surface is the same as the integral of [itex]\vec{F}[/itex] around the boundary of the surface.
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    But I definited the Surface Integral with a double integral (as you can see below or above)
    [tex]\int\int_S\vec{f}\cdot d\vec{r}[/tex]
    with the only difference that I used the position vector r, like in Line Integral. But, second the identities above, to define the Surface integral with ·dr is equivalent to traditional definition, with ·ndS. Correct!?
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    what? your definitions make no sense. [itex]``dx = dy \wedge dz''[/itex] is literally nonsensical.
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