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Definition of Creationist

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    When I use the term "creationist" I mean people to which any of the following websites apply:

    http://www.reandev.com/taliban/ [Broken]








    that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    signs of a creationist(besides the obvious):

    personal attacks

    ignoring evidence

    using flat out lies as evidence

    using the bible as evidence(bible isn't even a resource in english papers)

    using a lack of evidence as evidence




    give the "i'm brainwashed" vibe

    have no clue what the big bang or evolution actually say(and in many cases can't tell the difference)


    all of this brings up one of my favourite quotes of late:
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    sorry, this thread does not fit in our guidelines of not posting religious threads.
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    Huh? Creationists are a sociological phenomenon, not a religious one. They may derive their beliefs from religion (though note there are creationsists from all the major religions, so it's not just a sectarian phenomenon), but they at least pretend to be objective and "scientific". ID proponents even get indignant when religious ideas are ascribed to them.
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    SA, some of the links provided are religious based.
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