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Definition of God

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    God means ground of our dwelling. It is energy, not a he or she!
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    'God' has many definitions. To many theists, 'god' is more than just energy or something empirically tangible. To many people who belief in god, they believe he is so abstract that the human mind can possibly imagine. So, to say that 'god' is energy is one man's interpretation of god.
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    a couple of objections...

    a) god may be the ground of our dwelling, but would not that be the earth itself? if one is a pagan, and believes in the 'mother earth' as you are implying there, your claims are logically flawed, because the earth itself is defined as a 'she'

    b) gods appear to have their own energy, and not be energy as you claim. how could you determine that what a higher being shows you is all there is to them? do we, as humans, display our comprehension of, say, physics to a fish? why then would a higher being, or 'god' as you claim, want to show us THEIR huge comprehensions, instead of just the power they weild among us?
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    You guys are replying to a banned sock puppet.
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