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Deflecting a micro black hole

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    I have a story where an extremely advanced species has figured out how to produce and control kugelblitzes to a high enough degree that they can calculate the distance to an enemy and produce and fire one to explode at the target.

    Would there be any possible defense against such a weapon?

    I had two ideas: 1: outrun it, in my universe we've figured out negative energy density and can make an alcurrier drive. 2: feed it, pump extra energy into your shields so that it passes through you and is a safe distance past before it finally goes off.

    I see major problems with both, faster than light travel is not an issue for the ship, but accelerating fast enough to outrun a relativistic black hole is. And letting it pass through you, even if it doesn't fully explode, it's still extremely hot because it's close.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Could the same tech that allows one to be controlled, also allow it to be defended against, some kind of deflector?... if they can go ftl, then then they have solved the problem of running into things (small rocks, dust...) at superluminal speeds right?
    Basically you have a lot of magic in the universe, so what, exactly, is the problem?
    How are the kugelblitzes important to the plot?
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    That would be something like a Trump, but in Ultraviolet.
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