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Deformation due to thermal expansion/contraction

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    Dear all,

    I have a 3D cube with a nonuniform distribution of temperature. In order to calculate the deformation of the cube using the finite element method, we need nodal forces. How we calculate the nodal force from the temperature distribution?

    I am aware of a the method based on the element thermal strain and element stiffness matrix, but I use a method which is a modification of what we use in the calculation of magnetic nodal force. This method, in context of thermal expansion, calculates the force as the divergence of a tensor called thermal stress tensor. The results, are exactly the same as the other method but easier to implement. I would like to know if the method already exists in this field. I need the answer for writing my paper.

    If equations are required, I will write them down.

    Your help is highly appreciated.


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