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Deformation energy

  1. Aug 7, 2011 #1

    I'm working in a laboratory and been assigned to the task of verifying on of our machines calculations.

    The machine calculates the deformationenergy needed to test a sample thats been moulded in a brass form. Its this value I need to validate.

    The information I have at this point is:

    - The speed, which is constant during the test. The speed is 50mm/min.
    - the force needed in every single point of the test. The force I have in Newton.
    - The time needed to complete the test (easy since the speed is constant)
    - The moulds volume.

    I've printed out a graph of all the facts to see the actuall graph on paper. The value that the computer prints out is in j/cm2 based on cross sectional of 1cm2.

    Have I missed something? Do I have all the facts I need? And how do I implement all these values so that I can get answere I desire?

    Very thankfull for advice.

    Best regards from Sweden
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