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Defrag Issue Help

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    On my home PC running XP, I have two hard drives. Nothing special, EIDE, set up as master and slave. A 12 GB and an 80 GB. Both drives work perfectly fine in normal operation. The problem I have is that I can not run defrag on the slave drive. As soon as I press the "anylize" or "Defrag" buttons, the blue screen of death pops up for a split second and the machine immediately reboots.

    I have checked and double checked the drive's jumper settings and cable hook up. I have DL'd a quick monitor program to check the drive's health from Western Digital and it says everything's peachy.

    Has anyone ever had this problem? Any pointers (other than ditching Windows)?

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    Why is it so important for you to defrag this drive? Do you feel you're going to get a huge performance boost? If the drive is formatted ntfs, fragmentation isn't going to be a huge problem.
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    I use it simply as a house cleaning tool every once in a while. It's no big deal really.

    To be honest, right now it drives me crazy only because I know something is "wrong," not that it is causing me technical problems.
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