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Degree of freedom ?

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    An electron moves around a nucleus in 3d space so it is required that there should be 3 quantum no. each specifying its degree of freedom .

    the three quantum no. are n,l & m , but n,l& m specify the energy levels avalaible to electron & m specifies the direction of angular momentum vector .

    So what is actually meant by degree of freedom & how do n,l & m specify it ?
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    i'm not sure what you are asking, do you want a claasical explenation of what n,l and m mean?

    n,l and m simply come from solving the hydrogen Schödinger equation. And from wikipedia

    Degrees of freedom is a general term used in explaining dependence on parameters, and implying the possibility of counting the number of those parameters. In mathematical terms, the degrees of freedom are the dimensions of a phase space.

    so this definition agrees with what n,l and m does, i guess.
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    I studied my self and found the ans from hydrogen atom
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