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Degree project

  1. Nov 11, 2004 #1
    Next year im gonna write a degree project/thesis in mathematics.
    Do you have any suggestions or do you know a webpage with
    lists of possible degree projects. Preferably Mathematical Physics.
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    That's a rather broad request. What are your interests? What issues in Math and Physics excite you?
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    Extremely broad.

    I am pretty sure mathematics (or just algebra) is based on the assumption that -1*1=-1. Otherwise, we can't prove -1*(-1)=1.

    Look into how mathematics might, if it does, change if we change it to -1*1=1. Therefore, 1*1=-1. Which means, sqrt(-1) is defined.

    Probably easy to solve, but I'm curious to know what happens at the higher levels of mathematics.
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    Start reading books/papers on the areas that you're interested in. Soon you'll find a place where you can contribute. :eek:)

    best of luck!
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    what's the square root of one in your system? And anyway, I thought 1 was defined as the multiplicative identity. I don't see how this system could be meaningful, or even consistent.
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    Square root of one doesn't "exist".

    You can check that using the fundamental laws of algebra.
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    All you're doing is interchanging the representations of the additive identity and its additive inverse.

    In any case, the square root of -1 is defined.
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