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Degree Specific for jobs

  1. May 1, 2009 #1
    Currently I am attending WentWorth Institute of Technology, its a 4 year school and I am currently on my to getting a degree in Bachelor Science in Computer Engineering Technology just finishing my first year.
    What worries me is the technology part, I was thinking to transfer to Electrical Engineering (because I am worried about the job demand for computer engineers, and the degree says Electrical Engineering Technology) and while looking on monster for the types of positions that are offered for Electrical Engineers I kept seeing requirements of a bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

    My question is will the technology part of my degree prevent me from getting hired for a job later on whether it be in electrical engineering or a field closer to computer engineering? and is the technology part looked down upon?

    I realized the technology part after a week in my first semester and was planning to become certified as an Engineer by the state after I graduated, but now I am worried that I wont even be able to land a decent job.
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