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Deja Vu

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    Have any of you seen this movie? For those who have, is it actually possible to do what they've done in it (look back in time)? This isnt the first movie to deal with this phenomena, I believe that a move by Ben Affelick is also loosely based around the same principle.

    From what I understand, they created a telescope powerful enough to look back in time by bending space upon itself... This is scientifically possible?
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    wanted … one mirror!

    Hi chaoseverlasting! :smile:

    (I don't know anything about the movie, but …)

    All telecopes look back in time! :smile:

    The only practical difficulties with using a telescope to watch, say, the Americans discovering Columbus, are:
    i] the lack of a mirror at exactly the right distance
    ii] insufficient magnification (and photomultiplication). :smile:
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