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Delete posts

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    Please delete all my remaining posts on this forum, I would rather not be associated with it any further. Thank you
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    Our guidelines state we don't take such requests. You are free to not return however.

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    Don't you find it ironic that when asking for a reference to the relevant guidelines (both privately and publicly) after a deleted post getting any response is impossible, but when asking for deletion suddenly such references can be given freely?

    Besides, it's only 38 posts, probably a lot less effort than required for finding links to various sources for statements made in posts just to have them deleted again without any reference to the relevant guidelines even after multiple requests.
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    The guidelines are stickied at the top of the Current Events forum. I did not receive a PM from you, if you are referring to me, I did leave messages in the threads for certain behaviors to stop. As far as your contact with anyone else I don't know the outcome and we don't discuss moderation here.
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    I would click "Like", but then everyone would know. :L
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    I know, I have read them. Hence why I've requested clarification multiple times since I couldn't find anything in the guidelines supporting the decisions.

    I was not referring to you.

    True, which were subsequently followed.

    There was none whatsoever, which is part of the reason for my request, though only a minor part.

    I'm not looking to discuss moderation, I'm looking to get my remaining posts removed. In any case, I believe I retain the copyright over my posts and any implicit agreement for publication can be considered null and void on the basis that your highly selective enforcement of the guidelines amounts de facto to political and, in some cases, war propaganda.

    For instance

    Calls for international terrorism:
    If someone were to make a post calling for sending paid thugs to the US, how long would it take for the post to be deleted?

    Calls for crimes against peace and more violations of international law than I care to list:
    (and many more in the thread)
    If I were to start calling for supporting ethnic strife in the US with the intention of breaking up the US, how long would it take for such a post to get deleted?

    Ludicrous claims as though the US would be exempt from international law:
    (post 261 of Iraqi unrest)
    Let me guess, any post pointing out that no such exemption actually exists will quickly get deleted?

    Let's for a moment imagine that my [sourced] post reporting on the daily discoveries of mass graves, mostly civilians with some showing signs of rape and torture, counting upwards of 400 bodies by now, in the areas recently occupied by the Ukrainian "volunteer" battalions, armed and funded by the US, was not deleted [did it not fit your preferred narrative enough?]. Suppose someone were to respond "Looks like Ukrainian terrorists armed by Obama", how long would it take for that post to be deleted? Yet the very second post of the MH17 thread:
    What has become abundantly clear is that your enforcement of the guidelines is determined by whether a post is implicitly shouting "USA! USA!" or not, rather than any objective measure of its content. This makes your site engage in de facto political propaganda and, given the nature of some of the discussions, direct war propaganda. So please remove my remaining posts from this forum as per your legal obligations. Thank you.

    You might also want to consider, should such a situation appear again in the future, that continuously deleting someone's posts, whilst ignoring requests for clarification, even as the posts are complying with any general requests that are being made (stay on topic, provide sources, etc), may not be a very good way to initiate communication. Especially if it just keeps going on. Goodbye.
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    Thanks for stopping by Caveman!
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