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Deleted account

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    How do you delete the account?
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    You can't.
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    You could ask to have the login name changed if that's the reason.
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    i just don't think I belong here. I'm just good at fixing the machines, area, volume, trigonometry etc,. Stuff to do with building. I tried to make a thread on comprehensive symbolism but it got deleted.

    not complaining, I just don't want the emails. I'm sure it's a great site and I wish you great things! Working on deflections. Thanks.
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    You can turn off the emails in your account settings.

    At the top of the page, go to My PF --> Preferences, and un-tick the boxes labeled "and receive email notifications".
    Under My PF --> Contact Details, you can also un-tick "Receive email when a new conversation message is received", and "Receive site mailings."
    There may be other settings like this. If there are, hopefully someone else can point you to them.

    I turned off all my forum email a long time ago, except for the "site mailings" which are rare. I had to look for the settings again just now which is why I'm not sure I've listed them all.
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    :check:... same here.
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    They're deleting things I learned by an actual teacher...

    I just don't wanna be here. I'll try to swear and get banned.

    Like I said the Freemasons aren't a secret society now and it's for the better. People don't know what physicists are talking about when the make use of single letters like D for 5 different meanings.

    There's a better way: just write down the entire word. Talk to the architects and make a bigger room for the chalkboards -- it's not hard unless you're in a sardine can.


    Look, the Mayans worked really long to create symbolism and Glyph. It HAS meaning and I don't see the point in creating an inner circle where everyone around you agrees with you. Physics incorporates ALL of life, not just a special class. To be honest, almost all education has been to finance and support war -- even NASA is starting to militarize their navy.

    It's simple: The bird thing at the top represents the big dipper or a cluster of stars in another area. The Sun Deity is the guy holding the staff -- the Staff represents the planets under his control. VERY SIMPLE. FNet = Mass * acceleration.

    There's more, too! MUCH more. I think people interested in Mayan Glyph and it's ability to provide bearing as much as state is something that we mustn't keep secret.

    The avg. person doesn't understand any of this and it works if you talk to some1 individually -- where bearing is easy. We see it with cynicism towards politicians.

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    No need; we do accept requests. Good luck to you. Thread locked.
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    That's one way. Another is to just stop coming here...
    Can you cite an example where D is used for multiple meanings? I'm not a physicist, but I do have a minor in physics, and have taken a lot of classes in it.

    Textbooks usually define all of the terms used in formulas. Many symbols are used so frequently that the formulas are easily understood by anyone with a minimum of previous exposure - For example, F = ma.
    I'm not aware that NASA has a navy.
    I'm not sure what Mayan symbolism has to do with anything here.
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