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Deleted thread

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    I wrote a homework thread about Time Dilation, which followed the rules. It was deleted and no reason was given. Why?

    No such notification was sent.
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    What was the exact thread title?
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    I don't see any deleted thread in your records.
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    Hmmm it appears to have fallen into a black hole! Feel free to post it again. Sorry about that.
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    There was another post in the calculus HW section ("How to prove square root of x isn't a rational function?") which disappeared as I finished writing a reply to it. I didn't see anything wrong with the question, so I doubt that it was deleted by a mentor. Perhaps the OP deleted it, or perhaps it fell into the same black hole. Just thought I would mention it here in case it will help with any technical troubleshooting. Here's the broken link, taken from my browser history:

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    Yes, it appears to have fallen in a black hole too :confused:
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    I have experienced similar losses on the forum. I lost a thread I wrote in the intro phys forum an hour or two ago. It was titled "Electric Field, Half Circle" I believe (perhaps it will help).
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    I remember seeing all 3 of these threads earlier today...
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    To quote from another thread:
    Maybe somebody is doing some migration testing .... :devil:
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    yeah me too, I believe its called CRAFT's disease :wink:

    (Cant Remember A Flaming Thing)

    sorry, couldn't resist!

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    Sorry i have the same problem as well. I asked a question on textbook suggestion on about 5th July and it disappeared with no reason given. I searched all over the web for suggestion first and I cannot find it. I made sure about doing this first. Then I ask for suggestion on physicsforums and for help. Thank you very much and I really appreciate the helps given by physicsforums.
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    Trying reposting it. Remember, if it was deleted by a mentor you'd receive a PM outlining the reason(s) for its deletion.
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    I think those threads were used to make that damn spider web in the wormhole. No wonder I could never find Evo.
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