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Deleteing threads

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    so how can a mod delete a thread? especially if the problems are solved. can someone delete my threads?
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    If you're talking about a homework thread, then we do not delete threads that have been answered. Aside from the fact that this would be a very time consuming task, if we remove your question then it will serve no purpose for future members.

    If, on the other hand, you have a valid reason for something to be deleted, then please use the report thread button.
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    it's just that
    my other classmates found my threads
    and are now using all of my work
    which if the teacher finds out, would be considered cheating
    isn't that valid enough?
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    Turn them in if they are cheating. You can show the teacher that you did the work by showing them your thread.
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    I agree with Evo. Simply print your threads/posts and present them to the teacher. Let the teacher take the appropriate action.

    I am not sure why one would be held responsible for the cheating of others, if that is one's concern.
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    Well, usually if the teacher can't tell which is the original honest piece of work, both the original and copied transcript would usually get zero marks.
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    I don't think the teacher should have a problem in telling what the original work was. Plus if the threads followed PF policy, the other students following the thread should have to do the bulk of the work themselves and will only have been told how to approach the problem or given an insight into a particular part of the problem. Like others have said I don't think it would be useful to delete threads that could help other students. Not to mention the admin nightmare if this policy was widely used.
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    Cheating by whom? Are you concerned the instructor will deem your classmates' work is cheating or are you concerned that your coming here in the first place is cheating?

    If you were not allowed seek outside assistance in solving the problems posed by your instructor, then your coming to PhysicsForums was a violation of that contract. We cannot know what every school's policy is on getting outside help. In general we assume that those who come here for help are allowed to do so.

    If you are allowed to come here for help, then so are your classmates. The threads you start are not yours; they are community property. The posts made by others in "your" threads that helped you arrive at a solution to some problem most definitely are not yours as you did not write those posts.
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    We have a policy of not deleting homework threads, and because some students would go back and delete posts so that others would not copy, we had to restrict (limit) the editing period.

    The Homework Forums are for posting HW problems and seeking guidance to solve the problem. We do not work the problem for the students. Also, it would not be appropriate for students to pose test questions if they are supposed to be doing their own work without assistance.

    If one does not want to leave a permanent record of one's homework - do not use PF. Simple as that.

    Finally, we volunteer our time and people get FREE services here. We are not going to customize for each and every case, especially when most people do not pay for the service.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Deleting homework threads once someone got the requisite help would differ little from offering private tutoring services. The volunteers here offer public tutoring services, and do so for free. My going consultancy rate is $250/hour. I suspect few students are willing to pony up that amount of cash. My PF rate is $0/hour, with caveats. One caveat: I do not do private tutoring.
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    My name is anonymous so nobody would b able to copy, though I have had the problem of my answers coming up on google when typed in. I just word it a bit different, nobody really gives you the answer here anyway.
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    Hi NavitaLaVida! :smile:

    You joined PF today, and you've only posted two problems, and in them (except when for some reason you showed your solution for a part you had done) you didn't show anything other than what other PF members helped you with.

    So your classmates are not using your work, they're using our hints … the same as you are! :smile:
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