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Deleting my account

  1. Mar 28, 2004 #1
    I hope this is the correct place to ask this question.

    Is it possible to delete an account I had earlier?

    I registered under a different name and email, but due to a mail problem, I never received the confirmation email. So I re-registered with the name I am presently posting with, but with a yahoo email address, because I have already 'used up' the email address I wanted to register with.

    If my old account could be deleted, then I could change my email in my profile.

    (I have emailed ghb@uwm.edu a couple of times but have not received a response, possibly because that is not the proper place to send problems such as these.)

    In friendship,
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    I regularly prune members who haven't confirmed their emails, don't worry about it.l
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    Thank you Greg.

    If it is not an inconvenience for you, the pruning of pradtf account would be appreciated.

    Then I could change my email address and setup email notification of posts, so that I don't have to remember which threads I have posted in.

    Many thanks for this information.

    In friendship,
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    Hi Prad, just FYI: you can use the search page to find threads you have posted in https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php? [Broken] in case you ever want to :)
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    To subscribe to individual threads, when replying goto below the text box to "additional options", you'll find a options grouping called "Thread Subscription" where you can select how you want it handled. Also you can automaticly get subscribed to all your threads in your user cp options menu.
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    thank you for the ideas, monique and greg!
    there certainly are some excellent features here.
    i will set subscription with no email notification for now and change it possibly after pradtf has been pruned.

    much appreciated as always!

    in friendship,
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