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Dell DJ 20 Playback Error

  1. Jan 4, 2005 #1
    I keep getting a "Playback Error" when trying to play some of the songs on my new Dell DJ. If anyone else gets this error please tell me, I'm thinking about taking it back but Dell is a b**** to deal with so I want to see if this is a normal occurance.
    Thankyou in advance...

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  3. Jan 30, 2005 #2
    Have you updated the firmware? have you tried checking the manual and looking through if there's any site to download any patch from?
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  4. Jan 31, 2005 #3
    yes update firmware and although dell's website is like a maze to navigate they have all the updates you need. A speculation but if your songs are illegal they might have built something into the new djs to prevent playback, i have the old one :wink:
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