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Delos' Thoughts on Society & Integration

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  1. Feb 13, 2008 #1
    It would be ideal if all miscegenation and all immigration were to cease, assuming that the perpetuation of humanity and the cultivation of human excellence are desirable. Firstly, it is best not to put all of our eggs in one basket. If different states were to be made discrete, their populations would diverge, giving an advantage in surviving some catastrophe, like a global pandemic. The obvious advantage would be that it would be more difficult to transmit it from one place to another because there would be less travel and a great reduction in immigration. Additionally, over several generations, it is likely that populations would diverge genetically to an extent that it would be more probable that at least one would survive and carry the torch into the future.

    Furthermore, this arrangement would have the benefit of developing populations with different strengths. Surely it is advantageous for humans to attempt advance in as many different ways as is reasonably possible, instead of as few. Moreover, institutes could be set up within each state to track cultural progress. In other words, each state would be an experiment. We would be able to learn which social and political policies were effective in certain circumstances and which led to disaster. This would have the effect of making governance more scientific and less speculative.

    One need not oppose all outbreeding, but it should be controlled. It is idiotic to allow populations to mix with one another indiscriminately without considering how their genetic profiles will combine. Hybridization should be scientific, obviously.

    Agree? Disagree?
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    It seems like a good idea from a distance, but the result would be bad. That is similar to hitlers views except that hitler claimed one race superior and felt that within that race breeding should be controlled in order to advance the race evolutionarily. The problem with your idea is that the powers that be would have biases, and the pressures would be opinionated rather than scientific in todays world.

    I could see that perhaps in a couple thousand years or more or less, when, if the world population becomes well mixed we may be ready, although it still implies unconstitutional control over peoples lives, and is very unethical of a thing to the individual. Then again you can step outside individualism and view the human species as its own individual with a future that extends far beyond your own life. I think still unethical though.

    Also, all humans are one species, so interracial people are not "hybrids" biologically.
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    Sorry, but none of that makes any scientific, economic, political, or practical sense, Delos.
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    Agree with Russ. Thread closed.
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