Delta G and Keq Urgent, test in 1 day

  1. I got these two questions i have no idea how to do (i have answers, but no soln's)
    1. Given that the affinity constatn Keq for rxn A+B=AB is 5x10^6 and the concentration of free molecules at equillibrium are Afree = 1x10^-4 and B = 1x10^-8, what is the ration of AB to A at equillibrium

    ans: 0.05 : 1

    2. What is the Delta G for the forward reaction x <-> y.
    R = 1.98x10^-3 kcal/molK
    T = 298K
    K'eq = 7.5

    (ans: -1.18kcal/mol)
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  4. Use [tex]K_{eq} = \frac{[AB]}{[A]} [/tex]
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    [tex]K= \frac{[x]}{[A-x][B-x]} [/tex]

    You should be able to find such equations in the text by yourself, the're all listed explicitly.

    ...since it's urgent
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