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Delta potential well problem

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    Okay so I am trying to solve a delta potential well with an infinite potential wall on one side a distance a away from the well. The other side is open so I am confused about how to set up the problem. Here is a picture of my work so far and if anyone has an insight into this I'd appreciate some guidance, thanks! My diff eq. is a little rusty so I'm wondering if my problem here is just math related or physics related, or both :p

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    A couple of questions for clarification. Are you looking for a bound state with energy < 0? If you are, the form of your solution is correct.
    You have not explicitly stated your boundary conditions. The boundary condition for the wave function at x = 0 is: ψI(0) = 0. This will prove that A = -B, so you are correct.
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    Yes I am looking for the bound state of a particle. Awesome! Thank you!
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