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Homework Help: Delta T for resistor

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    Lets say I'm given a 'specific heat, density, currenty density J, and the time that J exist, how can if find the the change in Temperature? My main problem is I don't know how to start the problem, a couple pointer in the right direction would be great.
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    I don't think you have enough information here to solve this. You need at least one more info, either the potential gradient that is producing that current density, or the resistivity of the material (these two values are related). This is because, for the SAME current density, materials with different resistivity will produce different Ohmic power loss - this is what needs to be used to find the change in temperature.

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    thanks for your quick response
    I just read the question again and I guess my professor forgot to put resistivity into the problem, but the final answer does include it.
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