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Homework Help: Delta/wye transformers

  1. Jan 28, 2007 #1
    Can someone point me in the correct direction to solve these...

    A 22 kV generator is stepped up to 345kV with a delta-wye transformer. The power is transmitted 100 miles over wires with a resistance ov 18.9mOhms/ft and an inductance of 2.51 microHenries/ft. The transmission is stepped back down with a 345kV to 23kV wye-delta transformer. The is 30MW with a PF of 0.92, lagging.

    a. What is the actual voltage at the load?
    b. What is the PF at the generator?
    c. What fraction of the generated power is lost in delivery.

    I have calculated S as P/PF. And I=(W/PF)/(sqrt3xV). Do I calculate V at the load using S=VxI?

    Is the PF at the generator 100%?

    Is the fraction lost 0.08?
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