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Delusional last night

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    I was a bit on the uh... other side last night. I was changing the channels and was thinking to myself "why can't I ****ing copy and paste the channels?" and "they need tabbed browsing on this thing" and "poor design." Wow, what happened to me?
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    this is a joke right?
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    I do this a lot as well. I find myself wanting to select things and ctrl+c/ctrl+v them.
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    I agree. I like the tabs on Firefox, we need something like that for TV: at the very least programable channels on the remote, like you have for radio.
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    I want a remote that lets me perform arithmetic operations to change channels.
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    You watch tv??
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    No no, this isn't like normal. Normally if I think a computer command applied to real life, I'll catch myself. But this, I just kept going on.

    Like the guy who had Alzheimer's His wife told him to go to the store to get milk. He forgot why he was there and came home with a pair of gloves, since he was already at the store. When he came home his wife said "Ahh! Why didn't you get me my milk>?!!!?" Normally if you "forgot" you would be like "oh shoot." But this guy, he was like "what? You never told me to get milk."

    Besides, why would I want to copy and paste channel names anyway??
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    I sometimes get dilusional when having sat behind the microscope all day screening worms, on the drive home you imagine picking up the people on the street like worms.

    I hear the same thing from people playing video games all day like GTA, where you get the dilusion that you can climb up buildings the same as in the video game.

    It means that YOU SHOULD SPEND LESS TIME BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER!! (or microscope) :wink:
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    this happens to me to. sometimes I just want to alt+F4 people
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    yomamma, alt+F4 is too inefficient and slow. What you need is the following unix command:

    kill -9 -1

    This automatically tries to kill every single process on the computer without mercy.

    Now if I could only use this command to get rid of all the bad programming on television. Especially the Fox News Network for their sensationalistic broadcasts. I would also use this against Rupert Murdock for cancelling Futurama and Firefly.
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    Rupert Murdock is a chimpanzee with down's syndrome, you cruel jerk! You should pity him!
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    A friend of mine picked up a game called The Getaway which is alot like GTA but set in london and much more realistic. After we played it for hours I got in my car and felt very odd driving on the right side of the road.
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    After playing strategy games too much you may find yourself saying Russian or Spanish phrases.
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    One time, i had been playing Zelda: The ocarina of time, you could go back in time in that game, so you would replay things if you saw something weird. One of these things was that a shop got robbed and the thief would go running through some location, in the garden if i remember correctly, and i could attack him. So i tried plenty of times to get him, every time i failed i would go back in time and retry. The thief was some guy carrying a full knapsack.
    One night, i was working at a supermarket then, a customer, this ~40 year old guy with tattoos, i had serviced, went directly out the door without paying. I went outside and saw him walking along carrying the grocery bag on his shoulder, and then when he saw me he started running, and i impulsively just went after him with all that i had, i was jumping walls and going through back roads and when i almost had him he dropped the bag, i stopped picked it up and went back. I know it was because of the game, everything happened so quickly it was an instantaneous reaction. I had no reason to go after him, i didn't care, that's up to security, not my job. I didn't even tell anyone because of how stupid it was, but it felt good :smile: .
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    jimmy p

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    I used to play a lot of solitaire and freecell on the computer. I used to dream about cards. And red and black. In fact, I dreamt about the games quite often. I was addicted. I would bring my laptop to college just to sit and play freecell, during lessons, at break times whenever I could.

    I had to give up when one of my friends came into the common room at college wearing a black t-shirt and stood next to another of my friends who was wearing... you guessed it... a red top, and I had this huge desire to put one of them on top of the other. That was when I realised I had other more expensive games to play, and should really dust them off and try them.
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    When I play alot of chess I start seeing chess moves in everything and start seeing it behind my eyes when I try to go to sleep. I've had insomnia before because of it, it was driving me nuts.
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    I've started to try to change the channel with a calculator before and I've also picked up the TV remote and started to try to calculate on that.
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    Real life could definately use a mute & a fast forward button for using on people.
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