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News Democratic debate?

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    Clinton was the big winner. If nothing else, she will increase her esteem as a Senator as a result of her Presidential campaign (I don't think she has a prayer in a general election, no matter how good she looks in a primary).

    Biden came out second best. He definitely had the most shocking answer: "Yes." :rofl:

    Kucinich probably came out third best. In comparison with Gravel, Kucinich looked like a real candidate instead of just a flake.


    Biggest loser was Dodd. There's not been enough room in the spotlight to even acknowledge him as a candidate and he stayed in the shadows in this debate as well.

    Richardson lost the second most. He was the candidate with opportunity to make a big move in this debate and he didn't deliver.

    Edwards was third on the loser list. Even less distinguishing than Richardson, but already is well enough known that a bad debate doesn't hurt him as much.

    Obama lost to Clinton. As one of the two front runners, maybe a loss to Clinton makes him the biggest loser of the race. He's still number two, so I don't think so.

    Neither: Gravel. At least people know what he looks like. His chances going in were zero and you can't have a negative probability percentage, so he can't do worse than break even.
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    Missed the debate unfortunately. I have trouble believing Obama lost to Hillary, but in some ways if so, no real loss, as in who's really paying attention. He can sharpen his claws for the next go round. As for Kucinich, he's a bright guy and free thinking so i'm not surprised he did well. Damncurious as to what Biden said,
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    How is Rush Limbaugh getting away with playing " Barack the Magic Negro", on his program?? I thought the line was drawn when Imus was fired.
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