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News Democratic Wire Fraud?

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    If the democrats did it, then I am proud of them. They do not have a majority in the senate but are still finding ways to try and stop the republicans.
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    Maybe, maybe not. I see no evidence yet, that it was from the Democrats.
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    An automated message went out telling people about the detriments of Bush's plan to privatize social security? What's underhanded or dirty about that? Just the fact that this teacher union's number was given out in the recording and they didn't give it to anyone?

    And what's with this article, it says people are "accusing" Bush of wanting to privatize social security? That is what he wants to do, it's not an accusition, he's said it... I don't get what's so bad about a group sending out a recorded message telling people the negative side of privatizing social security, it's not like Bush is going to admit to it costing as much as it will...
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    The Bush camp wants badly to retire the terms "privatization" and "private accounts". Although these were the standard terms they were using until a month ago, focus groups or something must have told them it isn't going down with the voters, so they have changed to more neutral language. The Democrats, of course are delighted to repeat privatization privatization, privatization!
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    The phrase "private accounts" is more appealing to people than "privatization"? That's just ridiculous...
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    There's a lot thats underhanded and dirty - saying misleading things about the proposal, for starters. But that's not what I was talking about - I was talking about hijacking a phone line. People pay for phone lines.
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    Kinda like when Bush says in 13 years Social Security will be bankrupt?

    Me either in that case...

    Oh, I actually missed that the first time I read the article, since the focus of it was the actual proposal and what people are saying about it. Do you have any evidence of any sort that the Democratic Party was responsible for this?
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    I didn't say it was the party itself, but it should be self-evident that it was Democrats - Republicans would not attack their own President. It may have been a lobby group or even a single individual - but obviously, it had to have been a democrat.
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    As it stands, private corporations collect information, that the government is not allowed to collect in the interest of privacy. However, the government is not barred from purchasing this information from private corporations. Large private corporations that are defence intelligence contractors, can collect whatever info they want, by stealth or purchase.

    I assume there is no Democratic office anywhere that is not absolutely compromised, no phone line, no fax line, no internet connection.

    When something is attributed to Democrats as a vice, that is everyday ops for Republicans, I just have to laugh. There is no privacy in this nation, especially if it is in an arena that might counter the aims and plans of the corporations that currently run this government.

    There are not only listeners, there are also web based information officers, and players hired that play as if they are for real. The three journalists, recently hired by this government are a great example of this brave new way, of controlling information.

    Not a word is said in any party headquarters, that isn't heard by someone. The Republicans spy on themselves to make sure the line is being towed, the Democrats are spied on to decide where the line will be drawn.

    Like the big bounty offered for the capture or termination of terrorist players, there will also be large bounties paid, for those that catch Democrats in compromising positions. We have descended into a nefarious hell in this nation.
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