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Homework Help: Demonstration homework help

  1. Nov 21, 2006 #1

    Can someone help me to demonstrate the 2 followed relations.

    The dispositif is an engine who spin around himself

    ώ = 2.(pi)/T

    ώ is the angular velocity

    thx and sorry for my bad english
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    Is that supposed to be [tex]\dot \omega[/tex] as in [tex]\frac{d \omega}{dt}[/tex]? I assume not.

    I think that you are just trying to show that if
    [tex]\omega = 2 \pi f[/tex]
    where [tex]\omega[/tex] is the angular frequency and f is the frequency, then an equivalent way of writing it is
    [tex]\omega = \frac{2 \pi}{T}[/tex]
    using the relationship that [tex]f = 1/T[/tex]
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