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Demonstration, measuring time with a stick

  1. Jul 12, 2009 #1
    Tueseday, I go to Auburn to interview for an open position in Alabama Science in Motion.


    Basically, I would be traveling around high schools, moving equipment, doing demonstrations, and developing new labs.

    I need to come up with a <30 minute presentation as if to a high school audience. My idea is...

    Measuring reaction time with a meter stick. The equation for time is easy to derive.
    y=yo + vt + .5gt^2
    t = Sqrt(2y/g)

    After taking data, we could discuss how many data points are needed, the difference between accuracy and precision, standard deviation, any number of things.

    Also, how else could you use a stick to measure time?

    If it's sunny, it could be a sundial,
    use it as a pendulum, make your own time unit of "stick swings"

    ok, my questions are...

    Is this a good idea? So far, I don't have 30 minutes yet, what could I fill with.
    This activity would obviously be fun and engaging, but is there enough physics in it?
    Any other ideas?
    If I do stick on this track, How else could you measure time with a meter stick?
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