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Demonstration on theoretical physics

  1. Oct 9, 2003 #1
    I am a highschool student, but I need some college level help. Ok, here's my problem.

    I plan on doing a an demonstration on theoretical physics. This is for a science fair. Now, I had an idea for about half a year, but it fell through. So my question is, is there an experiment (college level) that you know of about some area of theoretical physics? Like a demonstration of antigravity, dark matter, or some of the present theories under development (LQG, M/String theory, F theory, new variable theory, twister theory).

    I have had some help pertaining to proton decay experiments for string theory. Some have suggested photon interaction.

    I don't want answers to an experiment, just some ideas, or maybe if you work at a college, some experiments that might take place there.

    Paden Roder
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    How about superconductivity? You could get a sample of high-temperature superconducting substance, cool it down with liquid air, and let a magnet float over it.
    I've seen that at science fairs, it's impressive. Plus, the theory behind it is clearly above highschool level.
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