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Density and mass

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    Aflat circular plate of copper has a radius of .175m and a mass of 96.1 kg. What is the thickness of the plate? Answer in units of m.

    I know that the density of copper is 8.92(10^3kg/m^3) and the area of the plate is .0962m^2, and i dont see how the thickness is related with the mass. maybe mass/density = volume or something like that
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    Since you have the area of the plate, think about what volume is for the circular plate. Area of the base X height of the plate. you are trying to solve for the height of the plate.
    Density = mass/volume
    You are given density and mass, so you can solve for volume. By cancelling unit, you are given a volume in m^3
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    so your saying its 96.1(mass)/8.92(density)=volume then volume/area gives me my answer?
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    yep i got it right thank you
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