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Density at the centre of the sun

  1. Oct 15, 2014 #1
    Hello, here is the question I have to answer;

    I am aware that the gravitational energy of one layer of thickness dr is
    and that ultimately I will have to integrate this over all radii but I am unclear about the expression for [itex]\rho_{center}[/itex]. The only thing that springs to mind is
    [itex]\rho=\frac{M}{\frac{4}{3}\pi R^3}[/itex]​
    but this must be for an average density over the whole star. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to establish an expression for [itex]\rho_{center}[/itex]?

    Thanks a lot
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    It says in the problem that it is the density at the center ie r=0 its just a constant scalar.

    so you must construct a function M(r) using p(r) for the shell.
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    However the question says "give an expression for [itex]\rho_{center}[/itex], so presumably I have to calculate the value of [itex]\rho_{center}[/itex] from scratch rather than looking it up. For example I know that the value for the center density quoted from many sources is [itex]1.622\times10^5\textrm{ kg m}^{-3}[/itex] however it is clear from the question I cannot simply use this value but I need to form an expression and then set r=0, but anything I try always ends up with r in the denominator thus resulting in infinity.
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