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Homework Help: Density constant

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    Hey I am completely stumped as to how to find the density in this following question so I can answer part (c)
    Q: At a bottling plant soft drink flows in a pipe at a rate that would fill 200 375mL cans per minute. At point 1 in the pupe the gauge pressure is 152 kPa and the crossectional area is 8cm^2. At point 2, 1.35 m above point 1, the cross sectional area is 2cm^2. Find
    (a) the volume flow rate - which I have found
    (b) the flow speeds at points 1 and 2 - which I also have found
    (c) the gauge pressure at point 2 -this one has got me in a spin :rofl:

    Can someone help me out?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Doc Al

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    If they didn't give you the density of the soft drink, you'll have to make some assumptions. I'd take the density to be that of water. (Of course, that's not quite right. Sugar-laden sodas probably have a density greater than water; diet sodas, less.)
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