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Density correlation question

  1. Jul 5, 2008 #1
    I had a question on a test this past friday that left me absolutely scratching my head.

    "The greater the density of a liquid the greater its ...?"

    1 volume
    2 area
    3 viscosity
    4 buoyancy

    While viscosity seems like the best option, this question was for a piping/plumbing test, and viscosity was never ever mentioned in class or in the texts. I found it unlikely that they would assume people would go out and do random research on the topic, especially for a trade school. Can anybody give me their opinions with short explanation? Thank you
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    boyancy is proportional to density, the greater the density of a fluid, the greater the boyant force

    Boyant force= density of fluid X volume of displaced fluid X gravity
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    I have virtually no education, but I can pretty much rule out 3 of the possible answers just by common sense. #3, viscosity ,would appear to me to be the correct answer. I don't know the engineering approach to why it would be applicable, but I can think of a couple of reasons why the other 3 are wrong.
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    RTW, it appears that I misinterpreted the original post. I thought that he was asking about the relative buoyant force between the 'mystery material' and another liquid. Sorry.
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    I understand how buoyancy and density correlate to each other, but that is relative to the density of the substance it is in correct? In the context of that question (ie: not saying if its in water or in another substance at all) it is only stating that increased density also increases___? So does this mean that simply that the more dense an object is, the more buoyant it will be? Sorry if this is easy, I only have 1 week's worth of this material under my belt.
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