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Density Functional Theory

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    I am a new user for Quantum Espresso(QE). Recently I have installed Quantum Espresso in my system. Now i am struggling to give input file in QE. How to generate input file in QE?
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    It seems that their website provides a tutorial. Why dont you follow that.
    Also they say the graphical interface can be used to generate input data or it can be taken from some other software.
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    Thank you Kholdstare.
    Yes they have given the tutorial in their website.Their tutorial describes general structure of input file. And I could run the default example files which are given in Quantum Espresso (QE). But my doubt is how to create my own input file for my chosen material.
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    They have a dedicated QE forum. You might have better luck asking there. (though looking at the vagueness of your Question I doubt it.)
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