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Density of 5% enriched Uranium

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    I can't seem to find a value for Uranium enriched to the 5% level. Does anyone know it or know where I can find it?

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    Of uranium metal, UO2, or UN or UC, or U-silicide, U-Al, U-hydride?
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    UN (Uranium Nitride)
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    A quick number would be 14300 kg/m3 (14.3 g/cm3), but let me see if I can find a better value and the caveats.

    I did a quick check and the number stated is the best that I can find.

    Here is a paper on metal nitrides including UN.

    Also, see this paper - Steven L. Hayes, James Kelly Thomas, and Kenneth L. Peddicord, "Material Properties of Uranium Mononitride: Part I. Physical Properties," Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 171, 262-270 (1990). One can purchase it from Science Direct.
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