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Density of compressed air

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    does anyone happen to know the density of compressed air?
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    It's whatever I want it to be.
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    Start with the density of normal air then multiply by however many atmospheres of pressure it's under.
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    you should start with

    pV = mRT, divide by (V R T), and you get

    m/V = p/RT.

    p - pressure [Pa], V - volume [m3], m - mass [kg], R - gas constant (287 kJ/kg), T - temperature [K]

    note that this is for ideal gas and so only accurate for high temperatures (room) and low pressures (up to 40, 50 bar).

    check out this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressibility_chart
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    For 1 atm (760 mm Hg, or ~100,000 Pa) dry air at 20 deg C, the density is about 1.20 kilograms per cubic meter.
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    >0.0 kg/m3
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