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Homework Help: Density of fresh water problem

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    i am working on this problem and can't figure out how to go about it at what depth in fresh water is the density 1% greater than its value at the surface? i am not sure what equation to use.My answer choices are 230m, 2300m, 23,000m, or 230,000
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    Do you have an equation of the density of water as a function of depth or something like that?
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    I was under the impression that water was "incompressible"- the density does NOT increase with depth. The pressure exerted by water certainly does increas with depth- its proportional to the depth- but that's not density!
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    Yeah I am quite certain that the density doesn't increase... however realistically, the water with impurity and other stuff in it will be at a lower level--- hence having more mass...

    I would suspect that the density change would not be linear.
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