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Density of state

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    What is the solution of Dirac delta function of density of sate equation below:

    DOS(E)=2/N ∑ ∫(1/dEj(k)/dk).δ[Ej(k)-E]dE
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    are you sure this expression makes sense? Maybe I miss something?
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    Hi,you can use " tex formula tex " to eidt your formula as follows

    [tex]\frac{1}{2}Ax= b[/tex]

    and state your problem clearer.
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    Thank you, I'm attaching the equation in word denouement.

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    This is basically the density of state at energy E from N_hex bands. The delta function filters out the energy spectrum at E_j(k_t)=E. 1/|dE/dk| gives density of state at E from the given band
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    Do you mean the final equation become like this DOS(E)=E. 1/|dEj/dk|

    please do you have a reference of this solution ?
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    should be DOS(E)= sum_j (1/|dEj/dk|). Take a look at Ashcroft and Mermin's solid state physics
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