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Density question

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    I will be honest and upfront, I am truly no chemist and actually have no clue on what to do..

    I am trying to adjust the density of water, making it more dense is easy by just adding several grams of salt.
    But now here comes my problem, I need to make water less dense. The density I need is 0,94.
    Now I could easly say I can use alcohol and mix it up.

    But the fluid should be disposable trough the sewage and not dangerous. I am a little stuck on this...

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you freeze water you get a density of .92 and mix with water in a slurry of ice/water to get the .94 density.
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    You can create a slurry of any less dense material with water and make it homogeneous (like milk and butterfat). Mud is a mixture of dirt and water with a density of more than 1.0.
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    You might also achieve your goal by simple aeration. The air or other gas can lower the effective density of the water.
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